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Party games, this type of game, can be said to be a dark horse in the game circle this year.


Some time ago, the smash hit "Jelly Bean Man" was released for just a dozen hours, and it has already received tens of thousands of player reviews on Steam. The most exaggerated thing is that the game has sold a whole in just 24 hours. 1.5 million copies.

不久前,红极一时的《果冻豆人》(Jelly Bean Man)发行了仅仅十二个小时,它已经在Steam上获得了成千上万的玩家评论。最夸张的是,该游戏在短短24小时内就卖出了整本游戏。 150万份。

Then it succeeded the "Among Us", another small game that became popular on steam. This game is even more popular than the Tang Peas. . .

然后,它接续了另一个“小游戏”“ Among Us”,app下载该小游戏广受欢迎。这个游戏比唐豆更受欢迎。 。 。

These two party games that went out of the circle smoothly rely on simple magical gameplay and good entertainment to smoothly make players trapped at home by the epidemic feel the fun of tricking others.


And this kind of party game with full program effects has become the adjustment product for the anchors on the whole point of the program. With the help of the anchors, these party games are also known to more players. This unpopular game theme has become the biggest dark horse of this year, from abroad to the country.


No, in an autumn game of Steam not long ago, a domestic party game "Animal Party" relied on the characters of cute dead people, and the same highly varied gameplay, which attracted the attention of a large number of players.


According to new data released by Steam, the number of simultaneous online players of the "Animal Party" demo version exceeded 100,000.


The production team’s Weibo also stated that as early as June’s test, the server they had planned to play online at the same time by 200 people was forced by 8000 people to crash the server. . .

生产团队的微博还表示,早在6月的测试中,他们计划同时在线播放200人的服务器就被8000人逼迫使服务器崩溃。 。 。

This scene is extremely similar to when "Sugar Bean Man" was just launched, although just a few days after the end of the Steam Autumn Game Festival, "Animal Party" announced that it had closed the trial channel.


But Xiaofa can boldly predict that "Animal Party" is definitely this year's "light of domestic games", the next king of the party!


The game anchors have already focused on this game that can be cleaned up early. When the game anchor PPD took the novice tutorial, he has already made this "Trump" dubbing game sprout a large number of fans.

游戏主播已经开始关注可以早日清理的这款游戏。当游戏主播PPD接受了新手教程时,他已经使这款“ Trump”配音游戏萌生了大批粉丝。

Hua Shaobei, another UP host at station B, once again made the audience feel the magic of organizing the host + party games.


First, he rolled up his sleeves and made a battle with the players. After seeing that there was no advantage, he quietly climbed to the high platform. He wanted to take advantage of the fisherman's profit, but he was punished by the system. Out.


Then staged a murderer who ultimately harmed himself.


In the fight with the enemy, both ends are finally exchanged for. This full-point program effect allows the ending to be flipped and then flipped. This is probably the charm of party games.


In addition, due to the unique physics engine of "Animal Party", some game props created some interesting and famous scenes during the battle.


For example, when four players get the toilet plug at the same time, the game becomes a protracted tug of war.


This is not the most irritating, the most exaggerated is that when two players get the toilet plug, the other isolated player will know that a party game can also make you experience despair!


The dramatic game development and the dull and cute characters have become the key to the victory of "Animal Party".


In addition, "Animal Party" has also put a lot of effort into the gameplay. This game can be summarized as a physics engine-based chicken fighting game.


The characters of the game can use taps, head cones, flying kicks and rolls. When your character stuns others, you can throw them out of the field to eliminate others.


In addition to hand-to-hand combat, the game will also randomly drop some weapons, such as famous toilet plugs, crossbows, electric shocks, tennis rackets...


However, these weapons do not affect the ending too much, their biggest role is to add program effects.


In terms of scenes, the chaos eating chicken map also provides a variety of different rules of play, such as the arena's poison ring mode, the plane's icing and falling, the submarine's water level rising, and so on.


The most important thing is that "Animal Party" fully grasps the key point in the character creation. How these dogs, cats and cats are really cute, whether it is fighting, running, or head mallet, all actions are in line with the "han" setting. .

最重要的是,“动物派对”充分把握了角色创作的重点。这些狗,猫和猫多么可爱,无论是打架,奔跑还是头槌,所有动作都与“汉”设置一致。 。

The combination of these elements gives "Animal Party" the potential to hit the king of the party. Xiaofa is looking forward to what surprises this amazing game will bring to players after it is officially launched.


The theme of party games can score three times this year, and three phenomenal works have been dedicated in just ten months, which is enough to show the charm of this type of game.




Station B - huashaobei

station B - 华少被

Betta fish -ppd


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